Durably safe waterproofing systems are the result of an interplay of many factors:
highest product quality, competent planning and perfect processing by our certified commercial customers.

System solutions from  POLYFIN AG are field-proven and tested superstructures for flat roofs, green roofs, pitched roofs, structures and bridges. Ongoing further development and perfectly coordinated system components help to further improve the product properties and high ease of processing and to protect your building project even more safely.
With systems that exceed the standard and customized waterproofing packages made of  FPO/TPO an polymer bitumen, we offer the optimum solution for your construction project, both technically and economically.

Leiter Anwendungstechnik / Team Leader Technical Engineering Consultants

Timm Ahlf Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Tel.:+49 (0) 6226 9939 4 - 30

Anwendungstechnik / Application Technician