Polyfin Duo®



Polyfin Duo® is an FPO roofing membrane with a white top layer, center insert and dark colored bottom layer. It was specially Bild Duodeveloped to support POLYFIN AG customers in the realization of major projects in their competitiveness. At the same time it retains proven core properties.

Polyfin Duo® roofing membranes are characterized by consistently pursue the proven recipe concept based on FPO / PE.

Thanks to the unique formulation POLYFIN AG continues to rely on the use of a halogen-free flame retardant concept in it's product range.

The ideal solution in a economic, ecological and processing point of view.

The Polyfin Duo® roofing membranes combine all the advantages of the well-known and well-proven Polyfin® roofing and waterproofing membranes:

  • Unique recipe based on FPO / PE
  • PVC-free, free from halogens such as e.g. chlorine or bromine, free of plasticizers, free of heavy metals
  • Highly resistant to hailstorms
  • Highly resistant to aging
  • Highly flexible at low Temperatures
  • Favorable fire behavior

Polyfin Duo®: Universally applicable! Whether with glass fleece insert or with glass fleece insert and scrim reinforcement. They can be fastened mechanically or laid loosely under load.


New company headquarter POLYFIN AG!

New haedquarter Polyfin AG

On June 1, 2015, POLYFIN AG moved into its new headquarter with a new production facility and a large, modern high-bay warehouse in Meckesheim near Heidelberg.

Our new contact details are since  June 01, 2015: POLYFIN AG 3


Polyfinstraße 1
74909 Meckesheim
Tel.: 06226/99394-0
Fax: 06226/99394-99


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