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Environmental acceptability and sustainability

Polyfin® and O.C.-Plan® in addition to being sturdy and having a long life expectation are safe to use and also contribute to the preservation of the environment. The manufacturing process for Polyfin® and O.C.-Plan® does not use chlorides or plasticisers or anything to damage the atmosphere; this is good for the environment - and very good for our Polyfin®/O.C.-Plan® flat roof and waterproofing membranes which don't lose their flexibility at any stage of their life and have therefore a very long life-time.

The products are recyclable at any stage of their life. Hot air welding is a low energy method of installation and produces nothing toxic or harmful to the atmosphere or the operator.

Our membranes are categorised as:

  • not hazardous to water (Self-rating of raw material supplier)
  • ecologically harmless to SIA 493
  • environmentally friendly material ("Fish test" to ERNST acc. to DIN 38412, part 31)

Furthermore our Polyfin® membranes are tested to be used in potable water areas.

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