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Centrix Field Fixing Systemeasy - quick

POLYFIN Centrix Field Fixing System offers our customers an economic and efficient possibility to mechanically fix our roof membranes on big size flat roofs.

POLYFIN Centrix Field Fixing System uses fasteners and especially backed plates. This backing was exclusively developed for the use with Polyfin® and O.C.-Plan® roof membranes.

Independent from the seam area the fasteners are applied as field fixing system below the sealing membrane acc. to a grid based on DIN EN 1991-1-1-4 / NA: 2010-12 (Germany). The advantage of this system is that the fasteners do not have to be screwed through the membrane but are applied below the sealing membrane. So the field fasteners do not have to be sealed with additional membrane stripes as it would be necessary for the conventional mechanical fixing system.

By using induction the backed plates are connected with a special welding machine through the sealing with the lower side of the sealing membrane.

Centrix Field Fixing System enables the use of 2.10 m wide roof membranes and therefore reduces the number of seams to a minimum.

The seams are welded with a common welding machine (e.g. Leister „Varimat“). The overlapping width of the seams can be reduced down to 8 cm depending on the insulation material as this system does not require any fasteners in the overlapping area.
Advantages of POLYFIN Centrix Field Fixing System

  • Less fastener through bigger fastener distance (Field Fixing)
  • Cost reduction through less fastener
  • Even load distribution through grid arrangement
  • 2.10 m wide membranes can be applied over the complete roof surface
  • Cost reduction at seam connection through less seams
  • Less seams = saver application
  • Minor overlapping in seam area
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